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For any business owner or operator in Pennsylvania, you ought to know the following regarding your employees. Labor laws are changing with the various forms of employment around nowadays. Then, you need to know how these regulations affect your future in the corporate world as well as you will comply with the law.

First and foremost, there are fundamental laws that will impact you as an employer in Pennsylvania. Depending on the type of strategy you run your business, the law will handle and regulate you accordingly. Take an instance where you employ an underage in your company. Then you as an employer will have to face the law by the Pennsylvania Child Labor Law commonly known as the CLL.

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There is the labor act which is known as the Fair Labor Standards Act, commonly dubbed FLSA. This law tells you on the structures of how you need to pay your employees, insisting on issues like overtime, obligation to upload the FLSA requirements and minimum wage among other factors. The FLSA which is a federal law may sometimes cross heads with state laws. For example, if your minimum wage is, for instance, $6 per hour, and the state law says that it should be $9 per hour, the best way to stay safe and not find yourself mixed up in the drama, the general rule is to pay the high rate.

The Family and Medical Leave Acts also another legislation that guarantees that every employee in Pennsylvania is entitled to take medical leave in case it is personal or related to his family members. This is however unpaid duty and may take a maximum of 12 weeks annually. Of course, reasons for FMLA should be genuine like; serious health issues, having a baby or the need to take care of elderly or sick parents.

Karl Heideck is a top US Attorney specializes in risk management and compliance laws. He, however, likes to blog and during his free time, he actively engages in educating Pennsylvanians on different legislations that govern them. Currently based in Jenkintown, Pa, the lawyer who earned his law degree from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of law has enabled his natives to live a meaningful life.

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