Betsy Devos Talks About Her Greatest Success Stories

Betsy Devos is widely regarded as a leader in the education reform movement. She has been advocating for education reform for years. She believes that states should be giving vouchers to private schools. She believes that the public school system is failing many kids. They are not getting the education that they deserve. Many private schools would be a much better choice for these children. The only problem is that they can not afford it. When Betsy Devos started out with her work, she created a scholarship fund that would give scholarships to parents who could not afford to send their kids to the right schools. However, she quickly realized that it was not enough. That is why she got involved with the education reform and school choice movement. She sat on the board of organizations that worked hard to promote education reform. She was involved in politics in order to get education reform passed. She sat as the chair of the Michigan Republican Party for a long time. She helped pass a bill for charters schools. She was so successful in her home state of Michigan that she knew she had to expand nationally. She was a great success on the national level as well. Over two hundred and fifty thousand students are now able to afford private schools of their choice. Her greatest success is in Florida, where because of the state’s school voucher program, over fifty thousand students are able to afford private schools.


Louisiana and Indiana are another two states where she has seen great success. They have passed programs that have the potential to serve and improve the lives of one million students. This does not mean that one million students are going to take advantage of the program, but the point is that there is the potential for many students to take advantage of the program. Many students will see their lives improved.


They have worked hard in those two states for many years. A lot has to do with campaigning to get the right people elected. Once that happens, it is easier to get the right bills passed. However, she believes very strongly that education reform must be a nonpartisan issue or a bipartisan issue. It has to be accepted by both sides, and they both have to see the reality of things and why it is important to have school choice. Education should not be a party issue. However, some politicians are supported by the teacher’s union, which opposes private schools. However, by talking to the right people, we can get more and more people to care about education reform. It is very possible that such a thing will happen very soon.


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