Richard Blair-Article Recap

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a financial beacon for those in the dark about portfolio creation, asset management and retirement planning. Regardless of how much money a client has to invest; Blair builds a comprehensive strategy designed to maximize their returns. It should go without saying that the overall goal of Wealth Solutions is to come up with a practical way to create retirement income. As an adviser, Richard takes in consideration each client’s tolerance for risks, and uses this information along with their financial strengths to offset any weaknesses. This is accomplished with the implementation of a three-fold assessment. Learn more:


The assessment includes:


  1. Drawing up a financial reference guide, which serves as the starting point, the overall objectives based on the client’s individual profile. This eliminates confusion down the road. It allows for performance metrics to calculate the potential risks of any given investment option.


  1. Based upon the goals laid out in the reference, Blair then constructs a long term overall strategy suited for the client’s specific needs. When you offer selective service based financial planning, it’s important to build the strategy with the end goal in mind.


  1. Then, Blair looks at the best way to protect the client’s assets through future annuities, long term care, retirement and estate planning and life insurance coverage.


Together, this three fold assessment lays the groundwork necessary for building a portfolio for long term wealth. Richard Blair has been preparing for a career in financial planning since he was young. Inspired by his mother and grandmother’s teaching backgrounds, Blair became interested in obtaining knowledge. Then after completing preliminary work in the industry, in 1994 he founded Wealth Solutions. There are many reasons why a particular growth opportunity might not be suited for a client, such as their income or desire to assume risks.


Wealth Solutions is located in Austin, Texas and provides financial planning strategies for all phases of wealth creation. Besides, being highly qualify as an expert Retirement Income Certified Professional, Richard Blair is also a Certified Annuity Specialist, and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. In total, he holds seven certifications. Blair advises his clients the best ways for them individually to create long term retirement income. He founded Wealth Solutions because he wanted to help people who depend on retirement income to be able to maintain a quality standard of living. Learn more:


Brian Bonar Has A Way Of Starting Successful Companies

There are many business professionals who work hard and do the right things in business every single day. They understand the principles of business and how to make good business decisions. While this is a good way to develop a solid business foundation, it does not guarantee business success.

There are many things that go into someone becoming a business success. One of the most needed by people at all levels of business is the ability to communicate effectively. In the business world, communication is vital to conveying the right message.

Whether written communication or oral communication, business professionals need to be able to communicate at a level that makes the message clear and precise.

Another thing that is important for people wanting business success is the ability to take advantage of the moment. In business, there will be times when people are presented with an opportunity; successful business people find a way to do well when a situation presents itself to them. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Many people in the business world have opportunities that could possibly lead to business success but they do not perform well enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

Learning to make a statement in the face of the moment is something that successful people are able to do on a regular basis. A business professional who has been able to take advantage of many business opportunities that have been presented before him is Brian Bonar.

According to Bloomberg, a well known and respected businessman in his business communities, Brian Bonar has produced outstanding results in his professional career. He is an executive who holds many high profile positions in numerous companies such as chairman and CEO. He has been able to hold the positions and take the companies to greater heights than the companies had before he stepped into the positions.

An educated man with a doctoral degree along with several other college degrees, Brian Bonar is impressive in his work as well as in his preparation. He went a route towards his professional career that would provide him with a solid educational foundation. In addition, he took the education that he received and used it to the fullest.

One of the things that sets Brian Bonar apart from many business professionals is his experience in the financial industry. He has over 30 years of finance experience that has provided him with a wealth of knowledge regarding finance and several other related business subjects.

Brian Bonar’s ability to provide leadership in the organizations where he sits as an executive allows him to mold the organizations into a business environment that he feels will work best for that particular situation. He has started a variety of businesses that includes ventures in the restaurant business that have been extremely successful.