Jason Hope Believes In Technology as the Future

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, futurist and a philanthropist. He is known for his determination in the application of technology invention to transform business all over the world. He uses his passion and understanding of technology to watch the world of business. Jason makes predictions on businesses and companies, concerning the future of technology. Jason focuses on enhancing many platforms to grow the business. He has a quest for economic success which drives him to use the currents trend in technology to develop the world of business.

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— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 10, 2016


Jason’s insights and advice about technology aiding establish modern businesses. He says that internet has come into the world and is undoubtedly here to stay. He says that technology helps individuals who are looking for the best ways to capitalize on future’s technology. According to Hope, the internet is so influential, that it is likely to be the vast investment that many of the most significant corporations in the world will take on.


The Future

Technology is taking over in the society, and it is becoming part of it. Hope believes in using market strategy that keep people together and the social media; you can make connections or generate new business. Jason Hope thinks that technology is going to determine a lot in the future since even by now, technology almost dominates every industry in the developed countries. With this in mind, he uses the technology to try and picture what the future will possibly be, and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation.



Jason keeps it simple and communicates his concepts with people to help ensure a bright future for everyone. He believes that connection between all the technology worldwide and people working as a community will surely help in securing our future. He says that if we look back, we will see all the significant steps that connected technology has made in the last few years. He suggests that we should all focus technology and develop it by now so that it becomes our future, and Jason’s lacrosse camp.



The future depends on all of us. All we decide to do today will determine what will be available for us tomorrow and the days to follow. Jason Hope is optimistic that our effort on focusing on technology is the right path to follow to bring a new era to our world of business. He has made efforts by making donations to under SENS research, an organization that addresses the age-related disease. He donated to the SENS research $500,000.

Jason Hope: Beyond Entrepreneurship

Technology advancements have presented entrepreneurs with unique business opportunities that a few decades ago had been confined to the realms of imagination. It has enabled us to actualize ideas that were once imagined. One such advancement that has radically transformed human life is the Internet of Things. Serial investor, futurist and philanthropist, Jason Hope, believes that it is the next frontier in investment. Drawing from his long experience and industry knowledge in technology, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based investor believes that the Internet of Things offers unique investment opportunities for large corporations due to the significant adoption of technologies in an increasing number of customers’ daily routines. He believes that corporations are ought to be poised to compete for the next opportunity: creating customer utility using the Internet of Things. Jason Hope holds that the Internet of Things has improved public safety and convenience especially within the public transport system through reduced traffic congestion and accidents. Moreover, it causes less pollution while improving emergency response in urban and rural areas.

Academic and Career Background, Skillsets and Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Jason Hope is a multitalented and multi-skilled serial entrepreneur with excellent set of skills and a solid academic background. His success as a serial investor especially in the technology industry has been boosted significantly by his excellent skills in business strategy and development. He is also a specialist in SaaS technology as well as business startups growth and development and entrepreneurship. He is an alumnus of the Arizona State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He furthered his studies at the prestigious university with a Master of Business Administration at the university’s W. P. Carey School of Business. In 2004, Jason Hope ventured into mobile technology entrepreneurship where he has investment in numerous ventures. He has invested in other industries including biotechnology where he has a strong interest and learn more about Jason.

Philanthropic Activities

Jason Hope is actively engaged in philanthropic activities especially within the local community in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has actively supported SENS Foundation’s research in anti aging where he has donated millions of dollars to support the initiative. His giving back to the community initiative has also seen him mentor youths in the area while also donating funds to support emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs. He currently serves as a director at Arizona Science Center and his Twitter.

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