Jeremy Goldstein Helps Companies and Employees

When it comes to mediating and working with disputes between companies and employees on compensation, nobody does it better than Jeremy Goldstein. Goldstein and his firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC have been working relentlessly to clear up compensation issues between companies and employees to make sure that everyone wins. One of the most recent topics that Jeremy Goldstein has been working on is the backlash against performance-based compensation that is running rampant right now.


Due to a few unscrupulous executives from a few high-profile companies defrauding their shareholders by incorrectly and fraudulently reporting their earnings to bolster their incentives, pay-for-performance has become something that many companies are reconsidering. In the past, there would be no issue if the company wanted to base its bonuses to all employees on its financial performance for the year. However, many started to argue that executives now have too much power to change the bottom line to suit their needs.


Not only this, but many are also wondering whether performance-based bonuses were ever a good idea. While it is true that employees feel some accountability to the company’s performance with these incentive programs in place, the fact remains that many of the metrics performance is based on are short-term and backward-looking.


With these problems fresh on everyone’s minds, Jeremy Goldstein came up with a new and innovative solution that incorporates a piece of each side’s arguments. First of all, he argued that companies should increase the level of scrutiny put on executives to make sure the decisions they make for the good of the company. Second, there should be a forward-looking, long-term piece to every incentive plan. Without this, employees will only focus on performance in the near future, and some might make sacrifices now to take on larger expenses later. None of this actually contributes to the well-being of the company.


Goldstein has always had a good handle on how businesses are supposed to run and how they can ensure longevity. He has worked with several Fortune 500 and private companies to bolster their economics and structure their compensation plans to make sure they work for everyone. His firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, has been in business for several years and is focused on working with large companies to make sure their corporate governance structure is appropriate and their compensation packages work toward the company’s ultimate objectives. Goldstein will continue to put his J.D. to work to make sure that employees, shareholders, and the company alike can all agree on a solution.


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Knockout Options & How They Work From Jeremy Goldstein

There is no denying that today’s economic times are some of the toughest we have seen without being in a full-fledged depression in our nation. Evidence of the tough times can be seen in not only the everyday lives of people but it also has an effect on the larger corporations.


One of the ways that many corporations are attempting to cut back expenses is to alter the way they give their employees benefits. Some corporations have stopped the once common practice of giving their employees stock options in the company itself, often a worthwhile incentive for both the employer and employee.


The problem is that the stock could take a huge drop in value, which makes it nearly impossible for employees who receive stock options from redeeming their value. This has caused many employees to have a negative outlook on this form of additional benefit offered from companies.


Additionally, being a recipient of stock options carries with it the necessity of additional accounting and figuring into budgets and can end up outweighing the actual benefit that is provided by the stock option itself.


Regardless of some of the risks and downsides, many corporations are still using stock options as an additional payment package or benefits package for their employees. The reasoning is simple, in that stock options are easily understood by all employees.


One of the leading financial minds of our time, Jeremy Goldstein, has a unique outlook on stock options. If the company offering the stock options does so in the correct method, it can yield hugely beneficial results for both the employee as well as the company itself.


Jeremy Goldstein proposes these knockout options for corporations to provide for their employees. Knockout have the same time limits as well as vesting requirements as a traditional stock option but knockouts simply change the expiration terms of the option. Learn more: