Kim Dao in Denmark

Australian YouTube vlogger Kim Dao recently posted a series of videos about her trip to Europe. She spent several days in Denmark, where much of her family currently lives, so she enjoyed getting to catch up with them since she doesn’t get to see much of them. She stayed at the home of one of her cousins, but she’s planning on visiting with a lot of her extended family. Learn more:


Kim Dao tagged along with her cousin while he went grocery shopping, and the blogger was particularly impressed with the quality of Danish baked goods. Her cousin showed her some typical Danish soft drinks and snacks, and they clowned around a bit before going home. Back home, she relaxed a bit and played with her cousin’s dog, Coco, before heading to the kitchen to prepare brunch with her cousin. Learn more:


After a leisurely brunch, Kim Dao and her cousin got ready to meet up with some other family members for a sightseeing trip to Denmark’s city center. Her visit to Denmark is part of Kim Dao’s trip to Europe, which includes stops in Florence and London. After enjoying her vacation, she will head back east for a week in South Korea on business before returning to Australia. Learn more: